Saturday, January 28, 2012

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Carpet beater

Carpet beater

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A carpet beater or carpetbeater (also referred to as a rug beater or rugbeater, mattenklopper, carpet whip, rug whip, clothes-beater, dust beater or dustbeater, carpet duster, rug duster, or pillow fluffer, and formerly also as a carpet cleaner or rug cleaner) is a housecleaning tool that was in common use until the vacuum cleaner became affordable during the early 20th century. Carpets, rugs, clothes, cushions, and bedding were hung over a clothesline or railing and the dust and dirt was beaten out of them. Typically made of wood, rattan, cane, wicker, spring steel or coiled wire, antique rug beaters have become very collectible. Modern mass-production versions can also be in plastic or wire.


In the Netherlands and parts of Belgium the carpet beater was a common tool for mothers to discipline their children, by making them bend over and spanking them on their behinds, leaving a distinctive pattern on the child's (bare) buttocks. Like the actual beating of the rugs these punishments mostly took place in the backyards, turning the beating into a somewhat public event. This form of punishment nowadays is almost extinct in The Netherlands but was very common up until the mid-1980s; since then the use of instruments such as wooden spoons and carpet beaters in spanking has rapidly grown out of fashion.

This 'secondary use' earned the carpet beater a special place in Dutch folklore, as a symbol for good housecleaning, conservative family values and childrearing, as well as a symbol for the dominant position of the housemother in traditional Dutch families.[citation needed]

Its use in cleaning has been largely replaced since the 1950s by the carpet sweeper and then the vacuum cleaner. They are, however, still sold in most household stores and up until the 1980s were present in almost every household. This can be attributed to both the late introduction (1970s) of the vacuum cleaner in some rural parts of the country and, as mentioned, to its secondary use as an instrument for corporal punishment, which quite frequently was the carpet beaters' only use in Dutch households since the early 1970s.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mengembalikan Jati diri bangsa

Bangsa Indonesia adalah bangsa yang besar dan bangsa yang majemuk. Seharusnya bangsa ini adalah bangsa yang kaya raya kalau di lihat dari potensi sumber daya alam yang dimiliki, tapi apa yang terjadi ??, dengan kekayaan yang dimiliki Indonesia menjadi kehilangan jati diri, harta kekayaan kita banyak yang di kelola oleh orang asing mulai dari sumber daya alam sampai sumber daya manusia yang ada.
Sebagai generasi muda,mari kita kembalikan jati diri bangsa ini, mengembalikan pada posisi yang terhormat sebagaimana mestinya,sebagaimana para pahlawan yang telah memperjuangkan jati dirinya dan jati diri bangsa ini. Jangan sampai kita terbelenggu dengan gaya hidup bangsa lain yang tidak cocok dengan kita ,kita harus membangun jati diri kita sendiri sesuai jati diri bangsa ini yang sesungguhnya
Mari kita saling membantu ,saling berbagi demi kepentingan bersama ,mari kita mulai dari sekarang ,mulai dari hal keciluntuk membenahi pribadi kita sendiri baru kita bisa mengurus hal yang lebih besar


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